We are just a normal family that desires to live as debt free as possible and be a blessing to others. This blog is about part of our journey to get there. Come often and view our progress as we take the plunge with our "dream" home. Oh, you may see it as a nightmare but sit back and watch as our dream becomes a reality. A reality where we can enjoy the company of those traveling through as they stop and enjoy a good nights rest and some old fashioned home cooking. If by chance you live in the area or are traveling through, stop in and see for yourself what we are doing as you sit a bit and enjoy a glass of sweet tea. If nothing else, just come often and watch as this dream of ours unfolds right before your very eyes.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

operation girls room update

We are finally getting to the point of moving the girls upstairs to their very own room!  It seems as if they have been a staple in the dining room forever.  The closets are completely done except for the doors (which will be purchased when the next sale happens). They each have a five foot closet of their own.  This week is moving week!

Closet organizers are a favorite!

This flooring is in their entryway and closets.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

operation sidewalk

While Corey and Jessica were here for Christmas, he and David added a top to the pallet sidewalk.  It made the sidewalk a lot more stable and I do like the look of it.  And, it was all free!  Wood given to us for scrap.  Someday there will be a nice red brick sidewalk going out to my white chat driveway but until then, this will due just fine.

operation master bedroom

Took a look at this blog today and realized just how much has been done since the last post.  Allow me to catch you up on just a few things.  Our room has a couple of things that I really love that have been finished.  Our room is in the back corner of the house kind of secluded from the rest.  It is in a place that unless we ask you if you wanted to see it, you probably would not just wonder in there.  I love it that way!  I love our room.  Our own little private place to relax and talk.  I am looking forward to the day it is completely finished but until then, let me show you just where we are.

Friday, June 13, 2014

operation back to work

Wow, it has been a long time since I updated.  Amazing how fast time seems to go.  It is already June and we have now been living in the basement for fourteen months.  Yep, just our one room basement!  Well tonight, my husband and I will sleep in our own room for the first time!  YEAH!!!!!  It has been a long time coming but it is finally here.  It is going to be beautiful!  We decided to go with pink and black with a little bit of brass so we could work around the bathtub.  The ceiling will be tongue and grove wood antiqued white. The walls are done and you will see below the stripes that I painted this week.  I have never painted anything like that and especially on textured walls.  So off to the internet I went to get some directions.  Wow did I ever get a great site.  I will have to say that I was surprised myself at how well it turned out.  The lines are very clean and strait. We have painted the floors until we get the rest of the house done and then we will lay carpet.  We have put up guttering and it seems as if that has stopped all leaks into the basement which has made for a very dry spring...yipee!  Little things are so awesome in this renovation project.  Here are a few photos for now.  Hopefully I will get back into the habit of updating this site again.

working on our master bedroom

master bedroom

painting the closet

finishing the master bedroom closet

master bedroom wall stripes


preparing the guttering

finally done, no more leaks

Friday, January 24, 2014

operation little things

Just a couple of random things getting done around here since I have had surgery.  It has been so cold, even too cold to be upstairs working.  Besides that, it is a full time job for the rest of the family to get done what mom usually does. (hehehehe)  We did get the duct hooked up to the laundry room.  We also got the door up to the closet that is off the laundry room for out of season clothing and coats.  We were going to go with all oak doors but decided that the theme will be very rustic, so white painted doors will be a much better fit for us.  I love these arched doors.  Hoping by the end of February to have the whole laundry room finished.  We also put up some temporary  light too.  I would really like to have a chandelier in there but who knows. Haven't broke that to the hubs yet.  Don't you tell him either!  LOL  

This won't be the trim we use but it came with the door.

A blessing having lights when you come in.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

operation little extras

Just wanted to update the blog with the little things we have done this month.  David worked a job at the local hospital where he had to do a tear out and clean up.  Everything had to be thrown away so he brought home a box of white sheets.  I decided that they would make good make-shift curtains until the house is done and we can make "real" curtains.  I made a set for each window and hung them.  It sure does make the house look better from the outside too.  Almost as if it is done.  LOL  We also separated the lights in the basement where we can now turn on a switch instead of going to the fuse box every time we want to turn on a light.  Now I can sew and just have those lights on or the kids can do school and we don't have to have all the big lights on at once.  Not really a thing you can "see" but it was a very necessary thing.  David also built a box around the old part of the basement wall that was sticking out.  I have uploaded a photo where you can see what it looked like before he built a box around it and then after the box was built the other day.  He placed my light switch there for the sewing area.  When I am up on my feet again (just has foot surgery) I am going to stencil on it so it is not so plain.  It is very nice as it hides that old wall and gives me something else that I can decorate.  We did get some more snow too.  Had to upload that photo also.  We got  nine inches and it drifted in the yard.  Lots of fun for the kids!  We have done some drywall and wiring upstairs too but somehow have not gotten photos yet and I am chair bound so will try to upload those photos later this week when I can get som

"Sheet" curtians for the whole house!

That is a 6' dog fence in the background and notice the 5' pool on the left.

Box built over old basement wall piece that stuck out.

Old basement wall that was built over.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

operation kids cubby

David was off work for a couple of days around Christmas so he finished the kids cubby for the kids to read in or the grand-kids to play in.  It is a great little place to just read and relax.  Originally this space was suppose to just get a brick wall to close it up.  I saw a different thing though so I ask David if we could leave it and use it for the grand kids to read or play in.  We finally finished it this week and the grand kids love it!  He also made me a ribbon rack in my sewing area.  So blessed to have a husband that can just do anything!

I made some soft pillow covers for several pillows

All organized!

No one can fall off anymore.

Game shelves on our side of the kids cubby

It is awesome to be able to see what you have!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

operation HEAT!!!

Just like nothing can take the place of the warmth of a wood burning stove, nothing can take the place of the warmth coming from a furnace that fires up each time the thermostat goes below a certain level.  No getting up in the night to load logs so that you don't wake up to a cold house. Yeah, we now have a furnace hooked up and running.  This will make it so much easier to work upstairs this winter and hopefully have the walls finished before spring.   This is the part where the house really starts to "look" like it is being worked on. Paint and decorations are just a little ways away now!  It did snow this week too.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

operation furnace

The furnace is set and the duct work is being put in.  This is the first step to moving upstairs.  Exciting times!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

operation updates

It has been so long since we have updated.  So many things have happened in these last two months.  So much work has gone on around the house.   We are now deep into fall and the leaves have turned and fallen and made for a beautiful yard.  I love the fallen leaves of all colors.  I just love fall and everything about it.  I think my favorite thing about "this" fall though is knowing that we are well on our way to finishing our dream home.  Jonathan had a friend over and they tore out the last of the ceilings.  Everything is gutted now.  David taught me to wire and insulate so I began that job in a couple of rooms upstairs.  At that time, we did not have an indoor shower and our outdoor shower had been shut down due to cold weather so it meant a trip to friends house to shower.  Itchy, itchy is all I can say about that.  I am excited to learn something new though that I can do while he is at work in preparation for him to come home and be able to work on something else.  We have finished the siding and as much of the roof as we can finish until we build the front dormer in the spring.  Last but not least we have an indoor shower now!!!  Yes, you read that right.  We put a shower in the basement.  It is so nice just to be able to take a shower any time of the day you want.  An indoor shower!!!  Take the time to browse through the photos below and see just what we have done.

Basement kitchen

Other side of the basement kitchen

Fall decoration

Fun in the leaves

First fire of this fall

Insulating the wall

Half bath off living room
Especially for the grand-kids

Mickey bathroom

Some of the grand-kids visit for the day

Jordan getting cleaned up

Loading wood onto the rack that he built

All that steel

Helping with the last of the tear out

Indoor shower

Dressing area